Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perfection via Imperfection

I want 100% lab to bulk reproducibility. I have the following facilities:

  1. For cost saving and matching price requirement of the buyer, I will buy only the optimum quality of yarn or fabric.

  2. Enzyme desizing is a costly operation. I used to do either acid desizing (which I consider it as two in one operation, i.e., desizing and deminaralization) or no desizing.

  3. I will buy only the best priced auxilary and basic chemicals to save cost. If I can get better price from somebody, I will switch over to the new supplier.

  4. Of course the machineries were purchased 10 years before. I know that there are some leakages here and there. What if? This is the case with every body in the field.

  5. I am getting abundant water from out side wells. More that 10 wells are in my list. If there is a crowd in one well, then the lorry driver will go to the next one and supply water at any cost. Of course I know that there will be some small variations of 100 to 200 ppm hardness and TDS variations between wells.

  6. I have increased the number of machineries by about 10% last year. The boiler is so efficient and supplies steam. Only at times, we could reach a boiling temperature for scouring or soaping. But we are managing however.

The new dyeing master is not so good and he takes about 20 to 24 hours for completing each batch. He could not take even a single batch without making additions in dyeing or sometimes redyeing. If you know somebody, please help me. I want a man who can take dyeing 100% lab to bulk exact???????


Praveen said...

i can solve your all problem and if u wnat to hire me then pls. write me in detail

Dua said...

I can make batch time 12 hrs with certin chemicals and magic process for processing

anuj said...

praveen i think i can hire u contact me.